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B7 Fic: Subterfuge 3/3
Title: Subterfuge 3/3
Author: acs_gen
Word Count: 4740 total
Characters/Pairing: All major second season characters. Focus is on Avon; some Avon/Cally and Avon/Servalan UST and Avon-Blake h/c, but the centerpiece is actually the relationship between Avon and Gan.
Original publication (print fanzine): Southern Seven 7 (1992)
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by the BBC. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Author's note: The most episode-like of the stories that I wrote in this fandom. Technobabble, mild Avon-torture.

Part 1
Part 2

"Idiot!" hissed Servalan. "That's exactly what he was hoping for! He can't be interrogated while he's unconscious! And if he dies, I'll kill you myself!"

"That won't be necessary, Supreme Commander," said a new voice. "If he dies, I'll kill you." She turned to look at the doorway.

"Blake!" Then she realized that he was just standing there, his weapon undrawn, and cried, "Seize him!"

"I wouldn't try that if I were you," said Vila, stepping into the doorway on one side of Blake, blaster trained directly on Servalan. Gan stepped in on the other side, his weapon aimed at the guards. "One move from you," Vila continued, "and she dies." The guards backed away.

Servalan smiled at him and spoke, ostensibly to Vila, but with her eyes directly on her guards.. "I don't know why you've given the big one a gun," she said conversationally. "He can't use it. He has a limiter." One of the guards met her eyes and she shook her head fractionally as if to say, "Not yet."

Blake crossed the room to where Avon lay in a crumpled heap on the floor and knelt beside him. Avon tried to lift his head. "Blake?" he whispered weakly.

Blake put a hand on his shoulder. "Lie still," he ordered. Lifting Avon's arm, he snapped a teleport bracelet around it .

Servalan noticed that Vila's attention had strayed to Blake and Avon. "Now!" she snapped. Both guards rushed at Gan. Vila spun and fired, shooting down one of them, but the other continued toward the big man.

Gan fired. The guard dropped in his tracks. There was a stunned silence.

Still crouched by Avon, Blake activated his communicator. "Cally, teleport now."

"You mean I don't get to kill Servalan?" asked Vila just before he disappeared.

"Maybe next time," Gan answered cheerfully as they materialized.

"They're up, Jenna," Cally reported briskly into the intercom. The ship's normal hum changed pitch as Jenna gunned the engines to standard by 12 on the planned escape route. Cally turned back to the party on the teleport platform and her face changed. "Avon?"

Blake looked up at her worried face and forced a smile. "I think he'll be all right, Cally. Go on ahead to the medical unit and get things ready. I'll have Gan carry him there." She looked at him for a long moment--long enough to see the uncertainty and concern hiding behind his eyes--nodded, and set off. Gan came over to Avon's side, bent down and lifted him lightly in his arms.

Vila had left the platform when they materialized. Now he came running back, holding Orac. "I think he can help, Blake. Should I bring him?" Blake nodded and they walked with Gan to the medical unit.

Cally plugged Orac into the diagnostic unit. "It was a good idea to bring Orac, Vila. Thank you," she said with a smile.

"Will Avon be all right, Cally?" Vila asked.

"I think so, Vila," she said. She looked directly at Blake. "Physically there is nothing we can't repair. We won't know the full extent of the mental damage until Orac finishes his scan."

Orac chose that moment to beep smugly. "Diagnostic scans complete."

"Well?" Blake asked.

"Would you like to know the results?"

"Would you like to be pulverized?" asked Vila under his breath.

"Oh, very well," Orac harrumphed. "Subject has been subjected to approximately one week of preliminary Federation interrogation. Purpose: to disorient the subject and prepare him for further experimentation. No permanent damage appears to have been done."

Blake sighed with relief. "Cally, I'd better be up on the flight deck with Jenna in case something nasty comes up. Can you manage here?"

"I'll help," Vila chirped.

"Thank you, Vila," said Cally with a tired smile. Blake beckoned to Gan and they left for the flight deck.


"He will be disoriented," warned Cally as she and Vila prepared to leave the medical unit several hours later. "I know you are tired, Blake, but he shouldn't wake up alone..."

"And you've been with him for a long time," Blake added. "Get some sleep, Cally. You too, Vila. I'll call you if anything happens." Weary hours dragged by. Blake didn't realize he'd dozed off in his chair until he felt Gan gently shaking his shoulder.

"My turn, Blake," Gan said. "It's almost like posting a guard, isn't it?" He smiled briefly, then grew serious again.


Avon didn't want to open his eyes. He had failed; he was still alive. He couldn't bear to think of Servalan gloating... Wait. He had a sudden, vivid memory of Servalan, not gloating, but astonished. And someone else, kneeling beside him... "Blake?"

Gan jumped when Avon stirred; he had been on the verge of dozing off himself. "Avon," he said with relief. "It's me, Gan. Blake was here, but it's my shift now." Avon opened his eyes, squinting painfully even in the medical unit's dim light, trying to look around. "You're on the Liberator. You're safe now." Avon closed his eyes, sighed, and relaxed for the first time in what seemed like an eternity.


"It's us that should be thanking you," said Gan awkwardly. "For holding out on the Federation, and--"

Avon interrupted him. "I wasn't holding out. You just arrived at an opportune moment before interrogation proper began. Believe me, I am not an altruistic idiot like some others I could mention."

"You don't fool me, Avon," said Gan. "The others, they're smart. So they listen to what you say, and try to reason it out. They might not believe it, but you confuse them so much they don't see past your words. I'm not smart. I just look at what you do. You fixed my gun for me. You sent us back out into the corridor when you suspected a trap, and probably saved our lives. I know you tried to explain it away by insulting Vila, but I wasn't listening."

"It's a pretty theory," said Avon. "But that's all it is."

"Oh? We came in at the tag end of your last conversation with Servalan, and I couldn't hear what you were saying. But I know what you did, and what that meant. You'd rather die than betray us." He stood up, heading for the door. "I'll get Cally, now."

"You're right, Gan," Avon said suddenly.

Gan turned. "I am?"

"Yes, you're right. You're not smart."

Gan shrugged and turned back toward the door.

Avon spoke again, very softly. "But you are wise." Gan paused, turned, and smiled briefly. Then he went to get Cally.

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Awww, nice story. I love them refusing to give up on rescuing Avon. Poor Avon! I'm so glad he was saved in the end - and, inadvertantly, by his own good deed in fixing a gun for Gan.

Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed it!

Thank you kindly - so glad you enjoyed it!

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